In Memoriam Pauline Oliveros

by Daniel Steffey

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***This album is available as a standalone application (for OSX only, for now) and a digital download. Anyone who downloads the record and provides their email address will automatically be sent a link to download the application.***

If you do not receive a link to download via email, or do not wish to provide an email address, the link is included in the liner notes PDF available upon download.

About the release:

Pauline Oliveros is arguably my biggest influence as a composer of electronic music. I first met her at Mills College in 2009, and we began an amazing correspondence regarding her early electronic works, her article on Tape Delay Techniques, Software for People, and listening. I was fortunate enough to meet and discuss my music with her in person a number of times over the years, as well as perform many of her pieces as a percussionist, electronic musician, and listener.

This release is a collection that was never meant to be anything, just my own exercises using parts of an instrument that I created in Max/MSP in 2015 for a piece in Toronto (Motions for the Tranzac). The core of the instrument is modeled after Pauline's early tape delay system, using reel-to-reel machines, feedback, and superaudio oscillators. These pieces were written using that core.

The pieces I have included here, I felt were too derivative to ever make it on any sort of record, but I kept writing them for my own enjoyment. During a tribute concert for Pauline that took place at The Armory on February 6th, 2017, I got to play on the very oscillators in which she wrote so many special pieces. Having been so moved by the music crafted on those oscillators over so many years of my life, it inspired me to release this music and the software used to make it.

So included is a standalone application (available on OSX only for now), that is a digital replication of Pauline's tape delay feedback system, with the additions of a couple of simple modulators that I added to create simple depth. The app is available to encourage others to create their own music and even make music with it together, and I feel that is something that Pauline would like to see very much.


released February 7, 2017

Daniel Steffey - compositions, application programming
Pauline Oliveros - technical setup



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